Blistex Lip Tone

I always loved Blistex Lip Tone but I haven’t been able to find it in forever! I thought they stopped making it. But now, since I googled it, and it’s still on the blistex site, I’m not so sure! So, then, why is it not available here?? Dammit!

I love it so because it’s not sticky like a gloss; it’s definitely a lip balm. But it’s not waxy like Chapstick (bleah). It’s soft and satiny smooth. It has a light, subtle flavor that’s sweet but not overpowering. And it has a hint of color that looks natural. So it feels like lip balm and looks like a natural lip, but better. Rosy and soft and kissable.

Are there other products that are similar? If I can’t buy the real thing, I need to find a good substitute…

6 thoughts on “Blistex Lip Tone

  1. I’m with you. I was always a big fan of Blistex Lip Tone but couldn’t find it anymore (or anything remotely like it) and thought they quit making it. Well they do still make it and I just ordered some from

  2. ooh! I’ll have to check that out. I’d be pretty excited to get some again. Great stuff.

  3. Thanx for the info…………I am asked all the time about my lip color and it’s the lip tone from blistex…….I’ve too have been searching with no luck! Thanx again!!!

  4. You can also order a bulk pack of 24 from for a pretty good deal. Also, eBay has it on auction with the ability to “Buy Now”. Hope this helps.

  5. @EB – good to know! I’m glad it’s at least out there somewhere, even if it is difficult to find.

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