Mo’s Bacon Bar, marrying bacon and chocolate!

11/13/08 bacon barI really enjoy chocolate. I also really enjoy bacon. I have even, once or twice, had bacon and chocolate cake together. Not bacon *in* the cake, but side by side. chocolate cake sandwiched between pieces of bacon. Don’t knock this until you try it. It’s good! But make sure you bake your bacon. So much better that way. Trust me on this.

Did you know they make bacon chocolate bars? I know it’s not too hard to imagine. There are all sorts of different kinds of chocolate bars. This is the first time I’ve encountered one with bacon though! It was tiny and it cost me $2.50, but I *had* to try it. Had to.

And you know what? It’s good. Salty, sweet, bacony, chocolatey. Good. Makes me want to try making my own. Maybe a chocolate covered bacon? With baked bacon, of course.

If you can, be sure to try this at least once.

Find Mo’s Bacon Bar here:

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04/08/05 pancakesI just had some delicious pancakes. Surprisingly, they were made using a just-add-water mix from the discount store. I am all for saving money where I can. They come out thick, fluffy and wonderful. That is what a pancake should be. Sometimes I make them and don’t even measure and they still come out perfect! If you have a Sav-a-lot near you, I highly recommend finding some Ginger Evans Buttermilk Pancake mix. Good stuff! I’ve had success with other things from there too. Most of what I consider staples are cheaper there and just as good as name brands. We don’t have one very near here though so I only go once in a while.

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brownie awesomeness

I love brownies. I think they are the bees knees, the cat’s pajamas and all sorts of awesome.

I like my brownies to be moist, dense, chewy – what they call fudge like (or is it fudgey) even though they don’t resemble fudge really at all. I’m not so into cake like brownies. I don’t even think they should be allowed to be brownies. They should just be cake.

My favorite part of the brownie is the edge. Don’t get me wrong, I will happily munch down plenty of the non-edge parts. Brownies are moist chewy bits of happiness, after all. But I will fight someone for the edges. Not just fight them. I will WIN! This is the passion I have for brownie edges.

Sometimes in the midst of my foodgasm, I will sigh and say “I wish I could have a pan of nothing but edges…” in that wistful sort of way that you say things that you know are ridiculous but you wish anyway.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I was reading through assorted food articles and found out that it is possible! There is a thing that makes this wonderful idea a reality! (at least in theory)

Bakers Edge makes an all edge pan. It has a winding channel that snakes it’s way across the pan providing you with edge, edge, and more edge. Wee! I clapped my hands, bounced, squee’d! It is now on my list of things that I must have. And when I have it I will never leave the house again. I will stay home and bake brownies all day.

Brownie edges + me = <3 4EVA