No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum Review


In my Influenster Frosty VoxBox, I received a packet sample of the No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum. Due to the size of the sample (and the $29.99 cost of the full size,) This review is a bit limited. I can give my first impressions but cannot speak for its long-term effects.

The first thing I noticed about it was the texture. It has that matte-slippery feel of a primer. It goes on very smoothly and leaves the skin feeling very soft and slightly slippery. But not wet or greasy. Again, like a primer. It did not have a noticeable scent. It changed the feel of the application of my moisturizer. Not in a bad or unpleasant way. It was very smooth.

I have not had any major breakouts but I have noticed more of those tiny little pus bubbles forming. Sorry. I know that sounds so gross. But I don’t know how to better describe them.

I have not noticed any other differences in the look of my skin. With the price and the minimal breaking out that I’ve experienced, I’m not feeling very motivated to purchase the full size of this, even with the $2 coupon that was included with my sample.

***This sample was received free from Influenster for testing purposes.***


I actually thought about wanting a Snuggie. I figured I could deal with looking a little creepy and weird if I could be warm.

Then I found out they’re open in the back like a hospital gown. What good is that then?? I want to be cozy all over all the time! Not just when I’m sitting down in an armchair or on a couch! Perhaps I’m just picky. But if they made a blanket with sleeves that covered me all the way around, I’d be all over it. A robe is just not the same. I have one. It’s fabulous right out of the bath, but not good for just lounging around.

Someone find me something to keep me warm!

unwanted products

One would think that I would be happy to have products sent my way. And this usually is true. As I mentioned before, I love getting mail. Really, I do. Except when it’s mail from St. Joseph’s Indian School.

My funds are limited and I am choosy with the charities I support. Their school seemed like a good cause (and I have a good amount of indian in me) so one time, ONE TIME, I sent them a small donation. I sent them what I could afford and hoped that it would go to good use. Never again. Since then, over and over again I have been piled with junk mail and trinkets and products. They’ve sent me key chains and dream catchers and note pads and calendars and cards, and once, even a blanket! And I wonder, is *this* where my money went? Not to helping some sweet indian kid but to sending unwanted crap to people with the hopes that they’ll send you a larger donation?

I intend to send them a letter one of these days letting them know exactly why I will not be sending them money ever again. Stupid indians. >:(

On another note, one place you should feel good about sending your money (they will give you a subscription to their magazine but otherwise don’t send any crap that I can recall) – Best Friends Animal Society. I heart them. They have an animal sanctuary in Utah and help thousands of animals.