I actually thought about wanting a Snuggie. I figured I could deal with looking a little creepy and weird if I could be warm.

Then I found out they’re open in the back like a hospital gown. What good is that then?? I want to be cozy all over all the time! Not just when I’m sitting down in an armchair or on a couch! Perhaps I’m just picky. But if they made a blanket with sleeves that covered me all the way around, I’d be all over it. A robe is just not the same. I have one. It’s fabulous right out of the bath, but not good for just lounging around.

Someone find me something to keep me warm!

Things to do with rum

Specifically, I’m really liking Kilo Kai rum lately. It is yummy and mixes well with other things.

I’ve tried it with spiced apple cider (one shot of Kilo Kai in a mug of hot cider), and mixed with Kahlua and Bailey’s (mix in equal parts – I did this as a shot but you could easily serve it over ice in a glass).

Most recently, I’ve used it as the rum portion of my hot buttered rum recipe. This is SO GOOD. You really must try it. The recipe makes a whole bunch but this is not a bad thing. Keep some for yourself, to get you through the cold winter, and give some away to family and friends!

Product Whore’s hot buttered rum

1 lbĀ  salted butter
1 lb dark brown sugar
1 lb powdered (confectioners) sugar
1 quart softened vanilla ice cream
1 Tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 Melt butter in a sauce pan over medium heat. Stir in brown sugar and powdered sugar. Taste it now because this part is HEAVEN.

Remove from heat, and whisk in the ice cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Pour mixture into a plastic container, seal, and freeze.

To prepare:
In a coffee mug, measure 1 tablespoon of rum batter (or more, this stuff is delicious!) and 1 shot of rum (try it with Kilo Kai, you will love it!), then fill cup with boiling water. Stir and enjoy!

Variation to try: replace the water with hot apple cider.

What are your favorite rum based drinks? Have you tried Kilo Kai? I’d love to hear your thoughts and favorite drink recipes!

Christmas is sneaking up

Only it’s not really sneaking. I see it coming but there is nothing I can do! Where is a product for making more hours in the day when you need one?? Someone invent this for me!

I have lots of things to write about coming up. Look for: Kilo Kai rum and cocktails made with it, including some fabulous hot buttered rum (I’m giving this out for Christmas); a skin tingling pumpkin facial peel; and something else I’m forgetting.

Right now I need to go down to the basement to help myself to some unsatisfying vending machine offerings. I’m freezing and need some coffee!

give chocolate! people will love you!

I would love you anyway.

Specifically, Ethel’s chocolate would make an excellent gift! They have seasonal boxes and baskets, including this round box of their limited edition holiday chocolates. I would love to try the Pecan Pie. mmmmm.

Also fabulous are their chocolate bars. I love the buttery caramel and the almond toffee crisp.

You can even design your own collection. I do this every time I go to Chicago. Sometimes twice!


Rebagz are so neat! I’ve seen them in gift shops before. There are a number of different sizes and styles, all recycled from rice bags, grain bags and juice packs. It doesn’t stylish, but they have a really interesting and pretty look to them.

They’re a little out of my budget though. Alas.

Right now I have my eye on this large tie tote, this messenger bag, and this on the go/baby bag.

I still hate winter… but at least I smell good!

I still hate winter. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a time or two. I always hate it. Every year. Bleah. Stupid winter. Stupid cold.

But I do smell like a margarita! Which makes me feel more summery, even if I don’t actually *feel* more summery.

I usually shower at night, particularly in the cold months. It helps to warm me up so I can get to sleep. Otherwise, if I’m too chilly, I can lay there for what feels like forever not sleeping. My feet suffer the most. It feels like the blankets insulate, holding in the cold. Awful! So I take my shower and then go straight to bed. And the warmth of my skin warms up the blankets and they hold it in.

Maybe I should just get an electric blanket. I’m considering it. It will be even colder next month.

So last night when I showered, I used my margarita 3-in-1 gel for my hair and body, then exfoliated and moisturized with a margarita scrub. I particularly love the scrub. The scent lingers for a long time and I keep sniffing myself and wishing I had a real margarita.

Are there other bath/body products out there that have a good authentic margarita scent?

my facial care routine

It has taken years, but I have finally mostly made peace with my skin. I’ve gotten to know what it likes, what it doesn’t, what it will tolerate and what it really, definitely won’t. I have a pretty strict routine but I modify it as I find things that work better for me. This is my current product list:

Coal Face (Lush) – This is a cleanser that comes in the form of a black bar like a bar of soap. It uses charcoal, licorice, and sandalwood oil and has a fresh almost citrusy scent. My skin really digs it. The charcoal grit sticks in my buf-puf but it doesn’t really bother me. If that’s the kind of thing that would bother you, perhaps it would be best to avoid. Or not, really you’ll like it. Try it anyway.

Buf-Puf – It’s an exfoliating sponge. They make them in varying degrees of scrubby-ness. I use this pretty much every time I wash my face. I like and need a lot of exfoliation or my skin really shows it. Sometimes I skip the buf-puf in the shower but only if I’m following up with my home-made skin scrub.

Scrub recipe: Honey, sugar. Use more sugar if you like more scrub, less if you like less. This is sticky, so I usually only use this in the shower. The sugar helps to exfoliate and clean out your pores and the honey has natural moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties. Yay!

Aveeno SPF 15 Positively Radiant Moisturizer – I first tried this facial moisturizer because I love the Aveeno daily body moisturizer so much. Here at chez product whore we seriously refer to this stuff as “magic lotion” because it’s that good. Usually lotions will claim to moisturize for 24 hours but don’t. This stuff does. So I figured if the body lotion is so great maybe the face lotion will be great too! I do like it but it’s not *as* good. It’s not even that there’s anything bad about it. It’s just not as spectacular as the body lotion. It’s not greasy and has a bit of highlighting shimmer, but not in a bad way. You wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking really closely at your fingertips after applying.

Sometimes I break this up with Ultralight from Lush. I think it’s getting discontinued but they have a few new moisturizers to take its place so I’m sure I’ll still be happy.

I follow my moisturizer with an acne treating cream. You’re supposed to apply them under your moisturizer but I’m a rebel and do it after. It works for me! I’m not brand loyal when it comes to this. Usually I pick up whatever 10% Benzoyl Peroxide cream is cheapest. I think I’m currently using the WalMart brand but in the past I’ve used Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, and AcneFree.

At night I use Imperialis moisturizer (Lush) and sometimes I’ll dab a little tea tree oil on problem spots. This, strangely, makes me irresistible to Biscuit. He has to be physically restrained or he will attack me and start licking my face like mad. It’s toxic though, thus the restraint.

What are your must have products?

coffee and coffee drinks

For a while I was drinking coffee every day. This was fine except when I would take a day off and then I was plagued with a nasty headache. I cursed the little caffeine monkey on my back (damn you little monkey!) and one day decided it might be a good idea to give it up for a while. Since then, I’ve tried to limit it to a cup once or twice a week, and have been caffeine-headache free. Yay!

Until this last week. I haven’t been able to help myself!

I’ve always liked those little tins of coffee drink mix. You’ve probably seen them at the store. The cans are about the size of a can of spam and they cost a gazillion dollars. Ok not that much. But they *are* expensive for how tiny they are. So I rarely buy them. This is probably for the best because it’s such tasty stuff that I’d want to drink it all the time and back would come my little monkey!

Unfortunately, I found an alternative that tastes just as fabulous but costs a lot less! I’m sad! I’m excited! I don’t know what I am! I’m drinking more coffee, that’s for sure.

I love reading the Hillbilly Housewife. Good information, well presented, great site. Did you know she also has drink mix recipes??? Eep! I made the Rich Vanilla Coffee mix last weekend, not really because it was the one I wanted to try the most, but because I had all of the ingredients on hand. And it is so good. So good! I made my way through the first batch this week and just made a new batch today. I cannot wait to try some of the other recipes. If you have the ingredients for any of these on hand, I highly recommend you try them!

I plan to stock up on the ingredients and tuck drink mixes in my holiday goodie baskets and bags. It will be fabulous!