unwanted products

One would think that I would be happy to have products sent my way. And this usually is true. As I mentioned before, I love getting mail. Really, I do. Except when it’s mail from St. Joseph’s Indian School.

My funds are limited and I am choosy with the charities I support. Their school seemed like a good cause (and I have a good amount of indian in me) so one time, ONE TIME, I sent them a small donation. I sent them what I could afford and hoped that it would go to good use. Never again. Since then, over and over again I have been piled with junk mail and trinkets and products. They’ve sent me key chains and dream catchers and note pads and calendars and cards, and once, even a blanket! And I wonder, is *this* where my money went? Not to helping some sweet indian kid but to sending unwanted crap to people with the hopes that they’ll send you a larger donation?

I intend to send them a letter one of these days letting them know exactly why I will not be sending them money ever again. Stupid indians. >:(

On another note, one place you should feel good about sending your money (they will give you a subscription to their magazine but otherwise don’t send any crap that I can recall) – Best Friends Animal Society. I heart them. They have an animal sanctuary in Utah and help thousands of animals.