Nifty things you can buy at the dollar store!

I love the dollar store. And I mean the real dollar store where all the items cost a dollar, not the discount stores with the word dollar in their title that really just have stuff that is often cheaper but usually more than a dollar.

Just wanted to be clear on that part!

One of my finds there actually wasn’t my own find but my mother’s. (Thanks!)

In the baby section they have what they call (I believe, and I’m going by memory here since the packaging is long gone) “baby snack cups.” They’re small (probably about 5 oz. or so) plastic bowls with lids that are really useful. They come 5 to a pack, so they’re only about 20 cents each.

  • storage of small amounts of leftovers
  • holding ingredients during meal preparation
  • sending samples of home made flavored vodka home with guests after holiday parties
  • serving ice cream when you don’t want a whole lot (or when you’re telling yourself you don’t want a whole lot)

Pretend I don’t sound slightly out of breath through most of this video. Also, pretend that I didn’t drop the stack of bowls right before making this, which is why the “clean” bowl I’m referring to has a couple crumbs stuck to the bottom of it that it picked up from the not-as-clean counter top. Oops. So I didn’t wipe them down yet! Sorry!