Make a decorative throw pillow (Part 2)

Sadly, part two of this project didn’t go exactly as planned.

First, a bit of advice: Don’t put your fabric to dry somewhere that will make it icky and moldy/musty/basement-y scented. Ick. :p Big ick. It’s not damp in the least, just super funky.

Beyond that, I had a bit of disappointment when I found that my line of not glue wasn’t holding. It didn’t even hold well enough for me to gently turn my fabric square inside out.

With that in mind, and with it smelling like swamp thing, I have decided to scrap my original plan. I pulled the two squares apart (with ease!) and threw them in the washer. When they’re clean and dry, I’ll re-do the squares, but this time I’m sewing them. I’ll continue from there with Part 3, which will be different than it would have been, but will still result in a fine throw pillow.

Seriously though, stupid basement. And stupid not glue. >:(