Mineral Face Powder

Note: This post brought to you no thanks to my very bad cats.

Mineral PowderI’ve been meaning to try mineral powder for a while. I keep seeing advertisements for it and it sounds like a good thing. (I’m a sucker for advertisements. I didn’t get to be a product whore without them!) Every time I’d go to the store for my regular old non-mineral powder I’d see more and more options as more companies jumped on the bandwagon.

Last week I went to the store for things completely unrelated to make-up. I needed powder, though, so I finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it, though they all seem to cost about three times what I pay for my usual. Don’t let that scare you though, I just like cheap make-up. 🙂 So I grabbed a compact of Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Face Powder. As a backup, I got my tried and true Cover Girl as well.

So far, so good with this stuff. Today someone even told me that I had beautiful skin! Can I attribute this in part to the newMineral Powder with brush powder? I don’t know. But I don’t usually get out-of-the-blue skin compliments so it’s possible! I’ve been wearing it every day since Thursday. I like the soft matte texture. It leaves me non-shiny and that non-shininess lasts at least as long, if not longer, than the non-shininess I get from Cover Girl. I also use less of it to get the same amount of coverage. This pleased me, given it’s slightly fatter price tag. It even comes with it’s own mirror and brush. This would be good for on the go, though I prefer to use my large, fluffy e.l.f. brush.

As a side note, the big fluffy e.l.f. brush also can double as a fine cat toy, a fact of which I was unaware until I got jumped by a furry hoodlum while trying to take the photos for this post. So grab a few! At only $1 each you can afford to!

(mineral face powder review)