Mo’s Bacon Bar, marrying bacon and chocolate!

11/13/08 bacon barI really enjoy chocolate. I also really enjoy bacon. I have even, once or twice, had bacon and chocolate cake together. Not bacon *in* the cake, but side by side. chocolate cake sandwiched between pieces of bacon. Don’t knock this until you try it. It’s good! But make sure you bake your bacon. So much better that way. Trust me on this.

Did you know they make bacon chocolate bars? I know it’s not too hard to imagine. There are all sorts of different kinds of chocolate bars. This is the first time I’ve encountered one with bacon though! It was tiny and it cost me $2.50, but I *had* to try it. Had to.

And you know what? It’s good. Salty, sweet, bacony, chocolatey. Good. Makes me want to try making my own. Maybe a chocolate covered bacon? With baked bacon, of course.

If you can, be sure to try this at least once.

Find Mo’s Bacon Bar here:

(Mo’s Bacon chocolate bar review)