OMG Why does my head hurt? [review]

first aid shot therapy

This last couple weeks or so I’ve had issues with my head hurting. Last week, I had a couple days of migraine (with aura, fun! (no, not at all fun)) and today my head just hurts. Hope I’m not dying. Dying or not, though, I had work to do today and do not feel like doing it with a headache. I received a freebie from Influenster (Thanks Influnster!) for testing and reviewing purposes of a liquid pain reliever.

I drank it nearly a half hour ago. So far…. my head still hurts. So I’m hoping it’s just taking its time working and isn’t going to be just a dud product. I’ll check in again in a little bit here. In the meantime, I’ll write a little more about the product.

It’s berry flavored and has choline salicylate (NSAID pain reliever/fever reducer) with caffeine. It was a little sweeter than I’d like, sweetened with sucralose. The flavor isn’t *bad* though, particularly for a medicine.

It is supposed to work faster due to its liquid form, starting to act in minutes! (HOW MANY MINUTES???)

Edit: 45 minutes in…. still nothing. Booooo.

Second edit: 1.5 hours in. Nothing. My mouth feels and tastes a little weird but my head still hurts. 🙁