MyChelle Dermaceuticals – Incredible Pumpkin Peel – review

MyChelle Dermaceuticals – Incredible Pumpkin Peel

Looks, smells, and feels like some sort of sweet and spicy pumpkin dessert. Definitely like something I would eat. Well, maybe not me. I’m not into pumpkin desserts. But if you are, you’d want to eat something that smelled like this!

It says on the jar that it will tingle. It does a little. And it felt just a tiny bit stingy at first on a couple breakout spots. My skin is not happy with me lately. I don’t blame it. I’ve been drinking too much, out in the sun too much, not washing it as obsessively as usual, etc. Shame on me!

The box says to leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse off. I should have noted when I put it on but I didn’t. I’ll go shower in a few and hope I guessed correctly.

After the first minute or so, the tingling goes away. It’s easy to forget I have anything on.

I’d like to say that my face felt different and glowy after I rinsed it off but it, uh, didn’t. It also didn’t make anything go wrong with my skin so far. So that’s good. And I do feel smooth and not terribly greasy.

All good things!

But, I’d have to say that I don’t notice any immediate effects from using this peel.

Where to buy: MyChelle Dermaceuticals

my facial care routine

It has taken years, but I have finally mostly made peace with my skin. I’ve gotten to know what it likes, what it doesn’t, what it will tolerate and what it really, definitely won’t. I have a pretty strict routine but I modify it as I find things that work better for me. This is my current product list:

Coal Face (Lush) – This is a cleanser that comes in the form of a black bar like a bar of soap. It uses charcoal, licorice, and sandalwood oil and has a fresh almost citrusy scent. My skin really digs it. The charcoal grit sticks in my buf-puf but it doesn’t really bother me. If that’s the kind of thing that would bother you, perhaps it would be best to avoid. Or not, really you’ll like it. Try it anyway.

Buf-Puf – It’s an exfoliating sponge. They make them in varying degrees of scrubby-ness. I use this pretty much every time I wash my face. I like and need a lot of exfoliation or my skin really shows it. Sometimes I skip the buf-puf in the shower but only if I’m following up with my home-made skin scrub.

Scrub recipe: Honey, sugar. Use more sugar if you like more scrub, less if you like less. This is sticky, so I usually only use this in the shower. The sugar helps to exfoliate and clean out your pores and the honey has natural moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties. Yay!

Aveeno SPF 15 Positively Radiant Moisturizer – I first tried this facial moisturizer because I love the Aveeno daily body moisturizer so much. Here at chez product whore we seriously refer to this stuff as “magic lotion” because it’s that good. Usually lotions will claim to moisturize for 24 hours but don’t. This stuff does. So I figured if the body lotion is so great maybe the face lotion will be great too! I do like it but it’s not *as* good. It’s not even that there’s anything bad about it. It’s just not as spectacular as the body lotion. It’s not greasy and has a bit of highlighting shimmer, but not in a bad way. You wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking really closely at your fingertips after applying.

Sometimes I break this up with Ultralight from Lush. I think it’s getting discontinued but they have a few new moisturizers to take its place so I’m sure I’ll still be happy.

I follow my moisturizer with an acne treating cream. You’re supposed to apply them under your moisturizer but I’m a rebel and do it after. It works for me! I’m not brand loyal when it comes to this. Usually I pick up whatever 10% Benzoyl Peroxide cream is cheapest. I think I’m currently using the WalMart brand but in the past I’ve used Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, and AcneFree.

At night I use Imperialis moisturizer (Lush) and sometimes I’ll dab a little tea tree oil on problem spots. This, strangely, makes me irresistible to Biscuit. He has to be physically restrained or he will attack me and start licking my face like mad. It’s toxic though, thus the restraint.

What are your must have products?


I recently saw a post on BellaSugar and it has brought to my attention another product that I think I just have to have. I’m kind of a freak about my skin care. When I was younger I didn’t like my skin at all, and even now, we still have days that we don’t get along so well. From what I have read, the Clarisonic might be the answer to a more peaceful relationship with my skin. Sadly, the high price tag on this ($167 on amazon and close to $200 on other sites) means I will be lusting for and drooling over this for a while yet to come.

Anyone else have experience using it? Do you love it? Hate it? Feel eh about it?