Beauty Boxes Galore!

Fab Fit Fun Spring 2015

I have a ton of new things to test out. I hope to have some of it reviewed here eventually. I know I always say that and it rarely seems to happen. But it could happen! I actually designated a little notebook just for jotting thoughts when I try a new product to make it easier to write up reviews later. Now I just need to use it more consistently. 🙂

My most recent boxes (that are all still on the dining room table) have been my Spring 2015 FabFitFun box, Spring 2015 Walmart Beauty box, and my March Birchbox. My April Birchbox is on its way and should be arriving on Tuesday.

The FabFitFun box has some great items in it this time. But I do expect that, as it costs more and comes quarterly. That scarf (left side of the photo) is so pretty and makes me wish that I felt more comfortable wearing scarves (or had more things to wear them with?) I need to get over that. Peep the info card here for details on everything inside.

Walmart beauty box spring 2015

The Walmart Beauty Box was also pretty good this time. It was more focused on skin care than cosmetics this time, but that’s ok with me. I get my makeup fix through ipsy and birchbox. I am really excited to try that body wash. I’m all about smelling good.

And speaking of Birchbox… I had intended to film an unboxing video and so I never unpacked the box. I’m now wondering if I should just give up on that idea. I want to start using the things! Not that I remember anything that was in it aside from a blush that I’m really looking forward to trying. I’m thinking I should set a deadline for videos. If it’s not recorded within the first few days, it’s probably not going to happen and I should just open it already.

Schick Hydro Silk Review: Silky smooth legs that I wanted to touch all day

Schick Hydro Silk razor

Lately, I’ve really been on a sample-requesting kick. I like getting mail, and I like trying new things, so this works out really well!

This week, I received a sample Schick Hydro Silk razor and I really looked forward to trying it out. I admit to going way too long between shaves, especially in the cold months. This time it had been 3 or 4 weeks and I was really due. Usually I use Schick disposable 4-blade razors. The Hydro Silk has 5 blades instead of 4, and it’s a more compact unit. The blade cartridge is more narrow and the blades are closer together.

What this ended up meaning is that with my leg hairs as long as they were, it took me longer than it would have usually to get them all done. But the shave was also super super smooth. There also is some sort of moisturizing substance built in that really increases the smoothness of the shave. I had delightfully silky legs all day that I just kept wanting to touch. So this was a definite win!

I think this would be best to use when I’m keeping up on my shaving and only have some stubble to remove. I would definitely purchase more blades for this but I will not be giving up my disposables either. They have always served me well and get the job done faster considering how much I let it go sometimes. This may become my new go-to for maintenance though.

Epilator review

A couple days ago, I decided I would finally go buy an epilator. I had been thinking about it for a while. Shaving doesn’t tend to agree with most of my parts and waxing is just not in my budget at present. I’ve heard good things about them so I figured, why not?

I picked mine up at Sally Beauty Supply. It’s an emjoi Epi Silk and cost me about $40. I can be used with or without the included cord. I found that I had better luck with it plugged in. Perhaps I didn’t charge it long enough. It definitely seemed to have more power and speed when I had it plugged in.

It comes with the device, instructions, cleaning brush, cord, and a soft drawstring bag to keep it all in.

Good things: It actually does work! I found that I have more hairs than I ever imagined, as it did the job of yanking the little suckers out. My skin is not as irritated afterward as it is after I shave. No raised pus-filled (yum!) pimply looking bumps so far, which is my problem after shaving (bleah!) It is easy to use. It doesn’t seem to be dangerous so far. It is small and portable. It is rechargeable and can be used cordless.

Bad things: Sweet baby Jesus is it unpleasant. When it comes down to it, you are yanking out all of your hairs by the root. It also takes a while. It’s not the fastest process. I think it might be best to split it up over a few days actually. Did I mention that it hurts? Like in an OH MY GOD WHY AM I DOING THIS?? kind of way. It doesn’t seem to have as much power when used without the cord. It’s a little loud.

Summary: Go for it if you can handle the pain and hate shaving. It’s worth a try.

I just went looking at the emjoi website and I think I want this: It’s a fancier, more expensive version! I would totally consider this if it worked as well as it is supposed to. They do have a 30 day, money back guarantee. But I don’t know if that’s a “new-in-package, never bothered to use it” kind of  guarantee, or an “I’ve used this product and I really hate it. Please give me my money back” kind of guarantee.

I still hate winter… but at least I smell good!

I still hate winter. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a time or two. I always hate it. Every year. Bleah. Stupid winter. Stupid cold.

But I do smell like a margarita! Which makes me feel more summery, even if I don’t actually *feel* more summery.

I usually shower at night, particularly in the cold months. It helps to warm me up so I can get to sleep. Otherwise, if I’m too chilly, I can lay there for what feels like forever not sleeping. My feet suffer the most. It feels like the blankets insulate, holding in the cold. Awful! So I take my shower and then go straight to bed. And the warmth of my skin warms up the blankets and they hold it in.

Maybe I should just get an electric blanket. I’m considering it. It will be even colder next month.

So last night when I showered, I used my margarita 3-in-1 gel for my hair and body, then exfoliated and moisturized with a margarita scrub. I particularly love the scrub. The scent lingers for a long time and I keep sniffing myself and wishing I had a real margarita.

Are there other bath/body products out there that have a good authentic margarita scent?

Holiday Gift Guide!

Looking for gifts for the product whore in your life? I’ve put together a list of fabulous items for you!

1. Lush:

Christmas Party Bath Bomb – I love this bomb! It’s orangey and lovely and full of stars and confetti. I admit I put mine in a stocking before dropping it in the bath. But I’m lazy and don’t like to clean stuff out of my tub.

Ma Bar Bubble Bar

And for a relaxing time *after* the bath, try a Soft Coeur Massage Bar!

2. Mason Pearson – Everyone should have one of these hair brushes.

You can buy them on Amazon!
Mason Pearson Hairbrushes

This is the one I have: Mason Pearson Junior Bristle & Nylon Brush – I’ve had it for 14 years and I LOVE it. I also have the pocket version.

3. Bunny slippers! – I previously wrote about my awesome bunny slippers.

This is where you can buy the slippers I have:

For a similar but less pricey version:
try this

try this

4. For fans of Too Faced Cosmetics and Kipling bags:

Kipling Loves Too Faced cosmetic sets! Each comes with Too Faced cosmetics tucked in a Kipling bag!

From Kipling’s Site:

Primp & Party Set: Starry Eyed Liner, Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara (which I sampled recently – look for an upcoming post about that!), Foiled Liner

Kiss & Run Set: Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss
Diamond Gloss

Envy Me Set: Lash Injection Mascara, Lip Injection Lip Plumper, Pink Leopard Bronzer, Refresh Blotter Papers

Charmed & Glamorous Set: Beauty Balm

From Too Faced:
Too Faced Loves Kipling Set: Lovey Dovey Duo Eye Shadow, Mini Ooh & Aah Starry Eyed Liner, Mini Black Lash Injection, and Mini Colorless Application Shadow Insurance

5. Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Toaster

Hello Kitty Necklace

Hello Kitty Waffle Maker

Hello Kitty Hair Dryer

Hello Kitty Computer Keyboard

6. Escada Moon Sparkle – This is one of the very few non Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes that I have ever liked. I *love* this. It’s sort of fruity, sort of floral. I am terrible at describing scents. But this one is lovely. I just keep sniffing myself and sniffing myself.

7. Flowering Tea with Teapot and Warmer – This is so pretty. I would love to have one of these. I have a lot of tea so I haven’t been able to justify buying it. One of these days!

Another fine tea place, Adagio Tea, has all sorts of great stuff. And you can get smaller sizes to sample or mix and match. Bonus!

So there you have it! What are you thinking about buying this year?

Guest Post: Lubriderm SPF 15

Lubriderm SPF 15

Today I bring you a guest post from my friend The Underachiever. She’s awesome and funny and interesting and you should go add her to your feed reader RIGHT NOW! Wait, not right now. After you read her review here. THEN GO! –ProductWhore

I tried this moisturizer/sunscreen combo while attending a late afternoon baseball game. I applied it to my arms, face and neck. It did not feel greasy or sticky going on, which was great. It absorbed quickly and didn’t leave my skin tacky. I actually forgot I had it on, a great bonus for any skincare product.

Unfortunately, it still smelled like sunscreen. The odor wasn’t overpowering, but it was present. I think this product could benefit from more fragrance. Nothing heavy, just something to offset the typical sunscreen smell.

As for its moisturizing benefits, it definitely helped soften my scratchy elbows. As a light, everyday moisturizer, I think it would work well.

I didn’t get any sunburn or tan during the game, which was the point. I came out just as pasty white as when I went in. But since I do burn easily, I would need a lot more protection than SPF 15 in the midday sun. For non-peak sun times of the day, this suited me perfectly.

Though the lotion didn’t feel greasy on my skin, I am still leery of using it on my face. I have oily skin and am picky about what I put on it. I’d prefer to use a face-specific product for that area.

Verdict: If you use a moisturizer every day, switch to this. You’ll get the same nourishing benefits with some added protection. I wouldn’t use this as a replacement for traditional sunscreen for a day at the beach, but for everyday sun exposure on skin that doesn’t burn at the first ray of sun, it can do the job.

Would I buy this? On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being I’m racing to the store to buy this product, I would give it a 6. Since I’d use this cream primarily for the sun protection, not its softening properties, SPF 15 isn’t strong enough for my fragile skin. But if the company offered a version with the SPF bumped up to 30, I’d bump up my rating to an 8.

(Lubriderm SPF 15 review)