I still hate winter… but at least I smell good!

I still hate winter. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a time or two. I always hate it. Every year. Bleah. Stupid winter. Stupid cold.

But I do smell like a margarita! Which makes me feel more summery, even if I don’t actually *feel* more summery.

I usually shower at night, particularly in the cold months. It helps to warm me up so I can get to sleep. Otherwise, if I’m too chilly, I can lay there for what feels like forever not sleeping. My feet suffer the most. It feels like the blankets insulate, holding in the cold. Awful! So I take my shower and then go straight to bed. And the warmth of my skin warms up the blankets and they hold it in.

Maybe I should just get an electric blanket. I’m considering it. It will be even colder next month.

So last night when I showered, I used my margarita 3-in-1 gel for my hair and body, then exfoliated and moisturized with a margarita scrub. I particularly love the scrub. The scent lingers for a long time and I keep sniffing myself and wishing I had a real margarita.

Are there other bath/body products out there that have a good authentic margarita scent?