magic for your windshield

One of the things I hate about winter (and I assure you, there are *many*) is trying to get my car cleaned off in the morning. I get up way too early and I have to be out driving way too early. So this means I’m out cleaning my car – you guessed it – way too early! Some days I’m lucky and there will be a fine dusting of snow, or, better yet, nothing on my windshield. Some days I’m a little less lucky and there will be a thick layer of snow and ick covering the whole car. While that’s not fun to clear, it’s not as lame as that thin layer of frost just covering the glass enough so I wouldn’t be able to see where I’m going, were I to try. Not that I’ve done that. No, I’m a safe driver. A safe driver who thinks it’s a good thing there aren’t too many other people out there who could potentially be in the way as I’m *ahem* not driving down the street with inadequately cleaned windows.

So anyway, back to the frost. I find that it’s very hard to scrape this frost. I see a good amount of winter so I have a nifty scraper. It even has a snow brush on one end. But when I try to scrape that thin layer of frost I manage to get tiny little lines cleared. They’re about the width of spaghetti. No they’re not even that wide. They’re like angel-hair width. Certainly not good enough for adequate sight when driving. Not that I’ve tried. *ahem*

Eventually, with the car running and the vents on full blast, the frost will start to clear. But this takes time! Time that I don’t have since usually I’m leaving late for work. Wait. No, I , uh, don’t do that either. It’s also cold sitting out there waiting for it. I’ve found myself wishing for an ice scraper that would actually scrape it off with ease, perhaps something heated. I wished that someone out there would make such a thing so I could buy it and make my morning easier.

Someone did!

I was paging through a catalogue, looking for some Christmas ideas and there it was. I Gasped. I squealed. And then I ordered one. An early Christmas present for myself. I’ve used it several times now and I really have been pleased. I’ve been meaning to test it against the regular scraper and see how it compares but so far I’ve been using it when I’m out in the cold, uh, not leaving late for work. It has been getting the frost off, though, and that’s what matters. I’ll post an update when I get around to the real scientific testing.