That’s a whole lotta cat hair! – Furminator Review

I wanted a Furminator for a long time before I actually bought one. They were in the $30ish range and that just seemed like a lot of money for a cat brush.

I do have 5 cats, though, and I had seen videos of them in action (sadly, I don’t have one of those for you here. It would have been too hard to make one and brush Mr. Baby Cat one handed.) They just looked so impressive! I’ve seen the video of someone using it on a big dog at the vet’s office and there are just piles and piles of hair!

So eventually I acquired one and when I actually remember to use it, it really is awesome. I have another comb that gets used some too, but it’s more to keep my one kitty detangled, since he develops clumpy mats in his mane. Poor Muffin! He even had to get shaved last summer. He looked ridiculous. So now I comb him pretty much every day, sometimes multiple times.

When I want to get a lot of extra hair off, though, I go straight for the Furminator. Here’s a video of what you get after just a couple minutes of furmination! And I’ve seen worse!


I have a problem

11/28/08 kitty cups
I have a confession to make.

It should come as no surprise that I am a bit of a hoarder. I collect things. Lots of things. Not like in a having collections sort of way like people are with knick knacks or stamps or vintage, well, everything these days. No. I mean I just keep acquiring stuff.

This would be fine, except… I’m scared to use it. I will buy stuff, then put it away and avoid taking it out and using it, just to keep it safe. How ridiculous is this?

Last summer we went to Chicago and I got the chance to walk around and do a little shopping in Chinatown. It was great. We went in a little tea shop and I found this fabulous kitty cup set. So cute! I had to have it! I had them wrap it up. I carefully wedged it in my bag. I carefully brought it home. I put it in the cupboard. In the cupboard where it has stayed for the last 5 months.
11/28/08 kitty cups
Until tonight.

I’d like you to know that right now, right this very moment, I am forcing myself to drink tea out of one of these adorable tea cups. And it’s hard! My instincts tell me no! What if something happens to it?! What if it has a nasty Muffin-induced accident like the adorable cow bowl?! What if it gets chipped when I wash it?! What if the tea stains it?! What if what if!!

But tonight, right now, right this very moment, I’m making that voice shut up! I’m doing it and… it’s nice!